Fotos By Constantine

"Telling your stories with photographs"

Wedding Photography, Alburquerque, NM

Your Special Day

When at first you met, perhaps you felt comfortable connecting with each other. Then there were dates and courting. Movies, dinner, dancing... together. And then your relationship  - your friendship, your togetherness grew stronger.

Then came the questions and answers in your hearts and minds. Should we, could we get married. O yes, we're meant for each other. Then there is a proposal. The OMG moment. Hearts begin to beat more rapidly there is a thrilling feeling through and through.  WOW!

Throughout the preparation there is much excitement AND some anxiety. Finally, the day is here Your Special Day!

                             Let us be the ones to cover this memorable event. 

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Wedding Photography, Albuquerque, NM

Feel free to take a look at the beautiful Fotos by Constantine that was taken of each radiant couple.

I'm sure you will be amazed!