Fotos By Constantine

"Telling your stories with photographs"

I have had two experiences using Kortni Jones, owner/photographer of Fotos by Constantine for Wedding Photography and both were excellent experiences. One was a friend’s wedding and I had recommend Kortni to them and the other was my own wedding. Not only is Kortni a pleasure to work with but he is professional in the best sense of the word. He is sensitive to your needs and will help you in every way possible. Prior to the event he will get with you and detail what he is planning and get your feedback on what you would like. He will take the time at the event to take a wide range of photos that will encompass the entire scope of the event from beginning to end. He will also make sure that he is in no way a hindrance or obstacle to the beauty of the event and it is almost as if he is not present.

The pictures he takes are of the highest quality and he will painstakingly go through each one touching them up and making them as perfect as possible. The color photos are sharp and vivid and the black and whites are a beautiful display of contrast. Kortni will sit with you and go through each photo and help you pick out those for your photo album and he will recommend which to make black and white and which to enlarge.

I would highly recommend Kortni Jones for all your photo needs.

Mark & Barbara Oberman

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